Kind Words


“I worked with Brett weekly for two years. He is such an incredibly compassionate, patient and awakened person that I have often referred to him as an angelic being in human form. If it had not been for his guidance and healing, I would probably not have survived. The work he offers is nothing short of a tangible miracle.

”Brett led me from a path of total self-destruction… a dark, downward spiral of depression, self-loathing, eating disorders, and substance abuse… to a path of absolute self-love, total happiness, success and authentic purpose. I released lifetimes of trauma and emotional baggage. My transformation was so profound that I was led to offer healing work to others, in an effort to share the blessing that I received.

”I am now in a relationship of seven years, blissfully married to my soul-mate and dedicated to a path of sacred art and healing. There is no doubt in my mind that the work I did with Brett is directly responsible for my current happiness and fulfillment.”

~Aloria Weaver, Colorado

“Brett has an incredible depth and wisdom about him… It’s almost magical what I feel him helping me to access energetically, just through his presence… He has this masterful way of energetically entering into my field and helping to open the places I need opened, but can’t open by sheer force of my will.  His skill in this realm far supersedes any that I’ve previously encountered.  I have felt authentic alchemical shifts in my body and being from working with him, thus enabling me to transcend the numbness of my habitual mind and access the awakened essence of my true being.”

~Gavriel S., California

”Brett worked thoughtfully, carefully and patiently with all of us. He was so gentle, but we still went very deep. The ability to balance a safe container with the depth of healing that was achieved is truly masterful. Do not miss the opportunity to do an Intensive with Brett. I can honestly say it is one of the best things I have done for myself in a decade.”

~Ann S., Vancouver, B.C., Workshop Intensive Participant

“I met Brett Butler in the darkest hours of multiple medical nightmares; I was suffering from traumatic injuries suffered in a bicycle accident, as well as a combination of autoimmune diseases that made every waking hour of my life a massive struggle for survival.  I had already seen a number of energy healers of all kinds, and had begun training in some energetic healing modalities myself, but I had never come across anyone as authentic and pure-spirited as Brett.  He has a phenomenal solidity of character and level of personal attunement — a rare gift that he has cultivated at great personal sacrifice for many years. 

“Brett is frankly the one and only person I trust with energetic medicine; I don’t want anyone else messing with my energy field, because he is a real expert.  He has graciously helped to facilitate incredible breakthroughs of healing in my physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  I am beyond grateful for the blessing he has been in my life, and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking healing of any kind.  You will not find a more skilled or sincerely dedicated healer, I can assure you.”

~Katie Hays, Louisiana

“I first met Brett 13 years ago when I attended an inner work group that he led.

“When I first sat in the circle, I felt nervous.  I didn’t know what to expect. Then Brett began to speak. In that moment, I immediately relaxed and felt at home in my heart. For the first time in my life, I felt seen and understood on the deepest level of my existence. I palpably sensed that Brett emits a healing energy that is strongly felt as soon as you are in his presence.

“I am eternally grateful to have been part of his inner work group those years back. I was awakened to truth on so many levels, and to the light of who I truly am.”

~All my love,
Maria C., California

“I first saw Brett years back at a satsang and knew immediately that I wanted to meet him. There was a grounded clarity and awakeness that he embodied. I came to the intensive to hear a different teacher talk, but wound up connecting and getting more of what I was interested in from my interaction with Brett.

“Since that day most of our interactions have been on the phone. At times when I have been tangled in the web of thought and emotion, I have had the good grace to have a phone session with Brett. He has kindly and directly encouraged me to embrace my experience, to discover what aspects of my Being are already present and whole, and while resting in that space, to meet my struggle.

“Brett has a very powerful transmission of presence, as well as a great range of skill and technical mastery working with consciousness and energy that seem to effortlessly blend into his intimate, intuitive and intelligent way of meeting and knowing.

“It is obvious that Brett has engaged in years of dedicated inner work, and he has a very honest and genuine way of relating that seems to welcome all of experience. It is clear that Brett has “done the work” on himself. I feel confident and comfortable in trusting in his guidance and perspective, knowing that he has successfully traversed very deep, complex and subtle inner terrain.”

~Colin P., California

Working with Brett:

”Wow. That which is possible with this kind of transmission/teaching/healing work is beyond words. My gratitude and excitement is beyond measure. I have always been highly unimpressed with any type of counseling/rehab/therapy that I have tried. This includes using nutritional and western medicine to find the roots of my ”problems”. I may have found some helpful benefits in some of those things, but never true correction. Perhaps I wound find temporary relief or a little jump in energy. I had been highly jaded against talk therapy and felt it was a waste of money. But still, I knew I needed help.

”I would not have considered coming to Brett if it had not been for such a strong recommendation from a highly trusted friend. Even then , I experienced a lot of resistance to starting this work, and almost ”chickened out” and thought of canceling my first session. Thinking how it couldn’t work , and how i didn’t really need it anyway….thankfully I just went for it.

”In an incredibly effective and rapid fashion, we have explored many things, the roots of which I have carried with me always. Over time I had developed intense addictions to substances and people that are now balanced and healthy.

”My life has taken a new turn on every level. I can see things on multiple levels of reality and understand multiple patterns at once. My ability to think creatively and gain insight into the mechanical aspect of my career has become easy and exciting. I am enjoying a depth of conversation and being with people that is the most satisfying I have ever had. Other folks are attracted to me and open up their true selves. My ability to see them on multiple levels gives me such a fundamental appreciation of their beauty and perfection that I am energized with joy. Previously I’ve felt very tired around people and could likely have been diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder.

All of this, by the way, has occurred after just 3 sessions with Brett.”

~Many Thanks,
Sarah Lyn B.,Colorado

”Since beginning work with Brett, I feel a tremendous positive shift deep inside myself. I would need to do weeks and weeks of spiritual work to reach that beautiful, centered and loving space that Brett can guide me into within minutes. At one point in our work, my heart center was literally vibrating in bliss for 2 weeks non stop! 

”All of the approaches Brett utilizes have been very helpful, and I can feel the work he is doing in our sessions instantly. I always feel more balanced, complete and at peace after we work together.  Most importantly, beyond all the amazing states and realizations, I am experiencing a profound and ongoing transformation throughout all areas of my life.”


”I felt so supported and safe within just a moment after talking to Brett in our first session.  I am so grateful for how deep we went so quickly to really address the core of my issues.  The rewiring of my system has taken great strides in our short time together, and I feel everlasting changes of peace and happiness.  Brett’s presence feels like having a most loving, balanced, wise Mother/Father by my side.  Most importantly, he is helping me connect with this Presence in myself.”

 ~Melanie P., Oregon

”I struggled with emotional control issues for many years, repeating the same dysfunctional behavior over and over again to the demise of quite a few friendships. I was moving forward in many aspects of life, but getting caught up in this major arena of how to peacefully relate to my fellow humans for any length of time without getting mad and becoming cruel.

”A few months ago I reached a breaking point and accepted that I need help. I needed a trusted guide, someone who could evaluate my situation and shine light on the path to correction. A friend that I look up to told me about their ongoing awakening process through working with Brett, and chimes went off deep within my core. I felt magnetically drawn to ask him for help, and sticking with this is proving to be the best choice I have ever made.

”My trust in his intuition and ability to facilitate healing grows daily with the peace I feel and the results my family notices. Through our work, I feel grounded in the process of positive transformation. The improvements I have sought are fully underway. I feel empowered and enabled to move forward in self-trust and love.

Gratitude for these blessings. We all deserve fulfillment and happiness.”


“I have had many amazing healing experiences with Brett Butler.  A very overt and significant one was when my neck seized up with tremendous nerve pain. He put his hands near my neck and it totally dissipated and all the muscles relaxed. Normally it would have totally locked up and I would have needed a chiropractor.

“There have been many instances where I was in pain emotionally or physically or both, when his work has transitioned me out of that state and left a deep feeling of peace.  His work is as powerful from a distance as in person. I recommend him as a highly compassionate and heart centered healer, with a martial arts kind of healing force to direct toward whatever you are needing in the moment. I think of him as a gentle healing warrior and a powerful master of energy.”

~Joanna C., Massachusetts

“I have worked with Brett Butler more than once and I can say that you won’t find anyone more committed to your liberation. He’s clear, confident and direct, yet brimming with love and compassion. Spiritual Awakening and Higher Human Development is his life’s mission. His transmission, conviction and presence are infectious, and light up the room.”

~Sheryl K., California

“I’ve only been working with Brett for a short time, but each session has been a profoundly deep inner healing. I like that he’s very flexible during the sessions and is able to see if the direction we are going towards is what is needed or if we should shift course. His being this open, sensitive and intuitive helps me to really sink into those parts of myself that are calling out to be deeply held and fully met.

“Brett is an amazing listener and extremely patient, and there is a genuine kindness and love you can feel while working with him.

After each session, there is a great release of whatever we focused on as well as a kind of renewing of the self that I was seeking during the session. It is very apparent that what he is doing works!  Thank you Brett!!!”

~Melanie P., Florida

“Brett Butler came highly recommended by a close friend of mine, actually my daughters dad, who had been having huge leaps and bounds of success working with Brett.

“After a good 3 or 4 months depression, going to bed before the sunset, loss of enthusiasm for anything, periodic temper tantrums, crying often, and really just feeling disconnected to life, people were starting to worry. My father, whom I had a challenging relationship with, passed away 6 months prior and I was also diagnosed with a precancerous condition.  The weight was heavy and too much for my friends and family to continue to help me carry. This is where Brett came in. 

“Our first meeting was over a skype session.  I liked this because I didn’t have to leave the comfort of my home.  We dove right into the inferno of emotions that was underneath the heavy weight.  At first I was a little protective to let a stranger in, but Brett knew exactly how to navigate thru the layers of my mental, emotional, and psychic being into the root of my pain.  

“Here I had the support and the coaching to be honest and authentic with my feelings and emotions and was able to heal the pain, and at the same time was given some valuable tools to continue on this road of life, feeling  more confident in my ability to deal with the heartaches and pains of life as they come, and to stay centered in the authentic truth of who I am and shine from this place. I am much happier now, and the precancerous condition is totally gone!  Such a big weight lifted.  Thank you Brett for all your good work and help, I couldn’t have done it without you!”

~Carrye L., California

”Thank you so much for holding the space of love and compassion to make this journey possible. You are a true healer. Your gentle care and humility has made room for new opportunities, new perspectives, and a profound repatterning for me in my life. I am blessed & honored to have worked with you. Please keep doing what you are doing …the world needs more of this.”

~M.S. Intensive participant , British Columbia

”I would like to thank Brett for the opportunity to participate in the intensive. This was an incredible workshop, very powerful and deeply inspiring. I experienced a profound breakthrough relating to persistent addictive patterns in my life, and the 3 weeks since the intensive have been amazing. The moments and experiences shared within the group are something I will never forget. Thank you again.”

~S.C. British Columbia

”The intense power of this workshop has created a defining moment for me. My life is forever altered, and the changes continue to unfold. I feel such deep & eternal gratitude for this work, and for the new trajectory upon which my life has been set .”

~T.H. Workshop Intensive participant, British Columbia

”This workshop was such an enjoyable and truly transformative step outside of your typical healing experience–both mental and physical. Coming into this course as a chronically ill (Multiple sclerosis) and traumatized person, I found so much joy and love within myself, and in Brett’s dedication to bringing people into the direct experience of healing and freedom.

“I had no idea that removing energetic and emotional blockages in this cutting edge trauma work would give me so much energy, vitality, and the desire to move ahead knowing that I was already whole and complete just as I was! The many tools I learned continue to help me ”keep the peace” in my mind and body in everyday interactions. I HIGHLY recommend Brett’s work to anyone seeking a better, more fulfilling and effective life.”

~L.P. Workshop Intensive Participant, British Columbia

“Before I started working with Brett, I already had been working on myself for quite some time. I had very particular needs in psychospiritual and emotional work, and didn’t really think anyone could so effortlessly not only understand what I was going through, but also provide such skillful guidance and direction. I am very grateful for having come in contact with such a skilled listener, teacher and facilitator on the path. Inner transformation and Deepening becomes ever more delightful with proper guidance. Thank you Brett for your enlightening presence.”

~C.M. Istanbul, Turkey

“I was immediately comfortable in his presence. Brett’s multi-faceted professional and life experience, his kindness and humor, his intelligence and curiosity, his spiritual, emotional and physical strength, gave me the confidence and trust to be guided gently but purposefully through regions long suppressed. With skill and sensitivity, he perceived – and helped me to identify – where challenges were encountered and frozen pain resided. my emotional reactions and revelations were swift and surprising.

“Brett’s creative ability to elicit exactly what was needed to catalyze a healing breakthrough must be more than a product of training and practice; it’s an innate gift. Ultimately, it all comes down to whether or not I’m emerging from ‘paralysis’ brought on by ignored trauma. Not only am I doing so; I’m quickly acquiring the tools to recognize and deal with patterns that don’t serve. Brett brought me face-to-face with the powerful, wise and resilient self within me.  I recommend his work highly.”

~N.T., Oregon

“Every time I work with Brett I get more deeply grounded and present…and something new happens…always.

“The first time I worked with Brett we took care of organ sickness and imbalances in energy flow through my entire body…

“Our work together has helped me make real and sustained progress in my spiritual practice, my mental and emotional balance, and my overall health, strength and well being.

“Brett’s work is extremely centering and balancing. The effects are powerful, yet it always feels very safe and integrated. I’ve done other spiritual and energetic work that created very unpleasant side effects. Working with Brett has cleared those problems up.”

~Chris F., Florida

“Working with Brett has been amazing! He creates a safe and inviting space from which I have been able to go deeper into the confines of my past, and then come out with a greater sense of freedom and personal power. His calm and loving presence has been a gift in my life. I highly recommend him and his gentle yet powerful approach to inner transformation & healing!”

~R.B., Oregon

“I’m so grateful I found Brett who is an incredible source of grounded presence and energy.  His skillful guidance and energetic transmissions are profoundly healing, reaching the deepest levels of my psyche.  His voice is deep and calming which puts me in a state of relaxation and healing.  He also gives me very effective tools to use at home to calm anxiety.  The more I work with him the more I realize my own ability to deal with difficult situations and thought patterns.  It is obvious he has done his own inner work and is able to pass his energy and certainty on to others.  I consider him an invaluable help in my healing process.”

~P.J., California