Inner Alchemy Services and Programs

I have a number of program options to help you create the dramatic shifts, changes and breakthroughs you are most ardently seeking in your life. If one particular program doesn’t seem to fit your needs, we can custom design a course of work specifically tailored to your unique desires and situation. We can also work freeform, intuitive and inspired, skillfully adapting to whatever is most important in your process right now.

The work itself always follows what is most alive in you in the moment, going exactly where needed, directed by the vast wisdom of your deeper intelligence. Each session is a spontaneous, one of a kind work of art, a profound collaboration of healing and transfiguration.

In all its expressions, this is World Class Transformational Work elegantly designed and powerfully inspired to help you Evoke and Embody your Highest Potentials.

 Alchemy of Awakening and Healing

Elevate your life with a rich, vital, full-blooded Inner Awakening that embraces, honors and celebrates all of who you are. Realize and embody your inherently perfect, always-already freedom, as you emerge and unfold into the fullness of your glorious humanity. Bust the illusions, delusions and deceptions that have held you prisoner to limitation. Stand in the purity and integrity of your deepest truth. Shine the luminous radiance of your sacred heart into this world, giving your gifts with full force and loving abandon. No holds barred, nothing held back, nothing left undone. Be and become as you truly are–Fully Human, Fully Divine.

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 Alchemy of Self Mastery:

Soul Purpose Performance Coaching

This course of work is about developing authentic self mastery. You can only be at your best in any arena of expression when you are coming from a place of profound inner strength, clarity and resourcefulness. And this is possible only when you are deeply connected to your innermost core. You are always performing in all areas of your life, and your performance flourishes when you are fully aligned with your True Self and your higher sense of purpose and calling. Discover the secrets and master the skills of building True Inner Power, so that all your intentions and actions issue forth from a foundation of wholeness, insight and integrity.

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 Alchemy of the Shadow:

Embracing and Mastering the Pain Body

The work of transforming your mental and emotional pain and negativity is absolutely essential, and quite possibly the single most important thing you will ever do. We are all carrying the emotional imprints and cell level memories from the pain, wounding and traumas of our past. This causes us much needless suffering, and can create major blockages and limitations within us that dramatically affect the quality of our lives in many ways.

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I invite you to join me in the journey of Integral Spiritual Expansion and Healing, Deepening Self Mastery, and Radical Conscious Evolution on Fast Forward. It is my sincere honor and privilege to help you develop and embody the highest human expression of your Sacred Self.

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