About Brett Butler

Brett Butler is a contemporary spiritual teacher, and a master of energetic and emotional transformation.

He has a rare gift and skill set that enables him to rapidly and powerfully assist peoples inner process of personal evolution, healing and spiritual expansion.

Brett is highly adept in many systems of psychospiritual transformation and integrated spiritual awakening, as well as numerous emotional, energetic and quantum pathways to healing. His decades of intensive study, practice and continual creative exploration and innovation have evolved this work into an intuitive and dynamically life changing approach not found anywhere else. Brett has a masterful ability to reflect the deepest truth of a persons Being back to them, and to accelerate the empowerment and flourishing of the greatest gifts and highest potentials of their human and spiritual expression.

In addition to private client work, Brett has led hundreds of inner work groups focused on embodied spiritual awakening, advanced energetic human evolution, and all dimensions of inner healing and transformation.

On a more personal note…

My initiation into this Transformative Work was Baptism By Fire, and my deepest passion for it and deepest faith in it comes down to the results I have seen in my own life–the healing and transformation it has brought about in me through many extraordinary and seemingly insurmountable challenges. Just two of the many blessings I have received from this work include healing the deepest roots of an extremely traumatic and abusive early life, and how it carried me through not one, but two multi-year periods of being near bedridden with severe health challenges –including a life threatening brain injury– to be returned to full health and vitality beyond anything I had known before. Ultimately, it has led me to the experience of Life lived beyond the constraints of fear and dualistic separation. This has been the Ultimate Blessing.

More than once, I lost everything, only to realize–once and for all–that which can never be lost. I know with every cell in my body that inner peace, happiness and freedom are possible no matter what the external circumstances are. I know from direct personal experience that seemingly “impossible” healing can and does happen. I share this with you because it is my hearts’ greatest desire to help others discover this for themselves. If you are reading this, it is possible for you as well.

The upside of the seemingly endless ”growth opportunities” I’ve experienced is that I’ve lived through virtually every single obstacle, struggle and difficulty my clients and students have–or at least something of comparable intensity. I’ve been there–for extended periods–and I know what it’s like from the inside out. I have real compassion and empathy for where people are and what they are going through. I’ve also spent over half a lifetime developing the internal resources and skill set to bring the greatest possible healing and transformation to these areas of peoples’ lives. I know how to help you find your way from ”there” to ”here”.

I also know that it’s not about me, it’s about sharing and being truly of service. It is my greatest honor and privilege to be able to share this work with people, and I feel truly humbled and grateful to witness each persons’ unique Journey into Awakening, and into healing the wounds of the psyche and soul. My heart is touched and opened over and over again by my clients stories and their pain, by their hearts’ power, courage and capacity to evolve and transform, and by the Light they truly are, shining radiantly through it all.

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