Alchemy of The Shadow:
Embracing and Mastering the Pain Body

Why Do This Work?

The work of transforming your mental and emotional pain and negativity is absolutely essential, and quite possibly the single most important thing you will ever do. If that sounds like a bold statement to you, please ask yourself the following;

How has your unresolved pain and negativity shown up in your life? Has it caused harm to your relationships, family, finances, health–possibly even the health of others? What has it done to your own happiness, freedom, fulfillment and peace of mind? How has this affected your ability to actualize your higher human, creative and spiritual potentials?

Now let’s turn the tables;

How has the unresolved pain and negativity of others adversely impacted you? As a child with your parents? With past or present work environments? In your past or present intimate relationships? How have you molded your beliefs, identity, and viewpoints of the world on the unexamined and unhealed negativity you’ve been subject to from the people around you?

Now let’s take a good, sober look at the state of our world. Every last problem we share as human beings–at its root–comes down to not knowing how to truly handle our emotional pain and negativity, as individuals and as a species. What are the consequences–individually and collectively–of continuing to try to escape, avoid, numb out and distract ourselves from the frozen pain still alive deep within? The answer is all around us, and it isn’t very pretty. If we want things to change, it starts with us.

What is the Pain Body & Why is it so Important?

We are all carrying the emotional imprints and cell level memories from the pain, wounding and traumas of our past. This causes us much needless suffering, and can create major blockages and limitations within us that dramatically affect the quality of our lives in many ways.

In The Power of Now and his other works, Eckhart Tolle refers to this energetic field of mental and emotional negativity we all carry as ”The Pain Body”. His model and description is very accurate. His advice for working with the pain body, however, is not sufficient for most people. What my work offers goes far beyond this. It is a proven and comprehensive way of empowering you to transmute emotional pain and negativity that is extremely effective, and not available anywhere else.

Embracing and Mastering The Human Pain Body

By mastering our human pain body, I do NOT mean never experiencing pain again, or making it magically disappear – I mean something much simpler, and much more profound. By deeply transforming the way we relate to our pain, we can dramatically change our experience of it, and actually turn that pain into a tremendous gift, blessing and opportunity. This is far more than wishful thinking. I am speaking of the very real possibility of cultivating such a radically new and intimate relationship to our pain, that it truly becomes a portal into our deepest personal evolution, and morphs into the fuel that powers the fulfillment of our highest human and spiritual destinies.

Our work together will be the catalyst that ushers you into a remarkably empowering way of masterfully meeting any and all pain in your life. Physical pain, emotional pain, psychological pain, relationship pain, spiritual/existential pain. I can help you transform your relationship to these human challenges that we all share in such a way that they become the doorway to a profoundly liberating experience of yourself and your life.

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