Alchemy of Self Mastery:
Soul Purpose Performance Coaching

Surrender the Folly of Managing Your Life.
Engage Your Destiny of Mastering Yourself.

 Why Support Your Soul’s Calling In This Way?

  • To Dynamically Direct your energy and intent in the service of your Highest Aspiration.
  • To Remove the internal blocks and barriers to true heart centered success, accomplishment and fulfillment.
  • To Break Free from self-sabotage and the inner obstructions that hold you back from realizing your dreams.
  • To Dissolve and Transform the core energies driving the mental, emotional and behavioral patterns that diminish your power, your effectiveness and your ability to create the life you were born to live.

The Focus of Our Work Together

In service of your higher purpose, I will teach you how to use the unavoidable stress, challenge and conflict we all face, as springboards to higher level performance in every meaningful area of your life. I will also teach you the ”Mental and Emotional Aikido” that empowers you to disengage from the AVOIDABLE stresses and conflicts of life, and help you redirect that energy toward Your True Calling, and to the life goals and outcomes that are most critically important to you. Everything we do will be in total support of bringing your Highest Aspiration into Full Blown Reality in the world.

At the core and foundation of all of this, is the authorizing and deepening of your connection with your Innermost Essence, the YOU of you. Catalyzed by our work together and your own personal practice, you will unearth the Diamond of your True Nature, refine it, polish it and elevate it to its rightful place on the throne of your Heart. Prepare for your experience of yourself and your relationship to life to be profoundly transformed.

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