Alchemy of Awakening and Healing

Why Do This Work?

This work is open and available to anyone feeling a sincere impulse toward Wholeness, Healing and Inner Truth.

Some of the ways this presents itself for people include–but are not limited to:

  • You’re feeling the call to deepen in spiritual maturity and fully integrate Self-realization throughout all dimensions of your life and humanity.
  • You have a sincere desire to awaken spiritually, but have not yet found what you truly long for through your spiritual path, practice and inner journey.
  • You have tasted the grace and beauty of your true nature, but find it difficult to remain established there amidst the challenges of life.
  • You long to bring a greater depth of love, presence, meaning and awareness into your work and your most important relationships.

Working together, We will directly and alchemically shift, heal and transform whatever appears as a limitation and blockage into the embodiment of a fuller, richer, more complete depth of Spiritual Presence, aliveness and vitality within you than ever before. Through the radiant power of Awakened Awareness, Essence, and Life Force Itself, we will accelerate your evolution into the deepest levels of Wholeness, Freedom and Self Sovereignty.

Directly experience the grounded lucidity of Awakening into true intimacy with all that you are. This work goes far beyond traditional spiritual approaches that invariably fail to include the multidimensional depth, richness and complexity of your humanity. Our work in the spiritual dimensions will gracefully empower you to deepen in acceptance, appreciation, gratitude and love for all that you have and all that you are. Beyond that, this work can expand your horizons far surpassing what you may have believed possible. You’ll find yourself opening into the liberating recognition of your infinite nature, while simultaneously becoming more deeply grounded in and fully connected to the depths and riches of your vital aliveness and full-blooded humanity. Discover the hidden-in-plain-sight Beauty of All That Is Alive within you and your life.


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