The Invitation;

“I extend to you a deep welcoming….an invitation into a sacred meeting in the Heart of Truth. This is the place where the sharing of Soul Presence can access and illuminate the radiant wholeness alive within you. This is the place where your development and evolution can accelerate and deepen beyond anything you have ever known. Let us welcome together the direct experience of Grace and Transfiguration into living realization throughout your life. Wherever you are right now is the perfect doorway into this invitation. 

You are so much stronger than you know. Far wiser than you realize. Your heart is more loving than you dare to imagine. In the depths of your Being you touch Eternity, Infinity, Immortality. Let us empower you to lovingly illuminate and mercifully cut through the habits of mind and emotion that have become so accustomed to the addiction of personal and collective suffering. Beyond this veil is the Resurrection of your Deepest Self. Beyond this veil is the Sacred Action of your Deepest Essence, living joyfully and powerfully in this world. Let us meet together in what is most real and true in your experience right now and embrace it fully. Let us begin lifting the veil. This is the opening of The Invitation.”

 I am Brett Butler, and I welcome you into

    My life is devoted to exploring and embodying the highest evolutionary potential for fully integrated human spiritual development, and to the creation of dramatic energetic and emotional transformation at the individual, relational, and collective level. It is my greatest passion and privilege to share the gifts I have been given, and to support you in the discovery and expression of your own Greatest Self.

One of my gifts and great loves is empowering people to truly transform their deepest life challenges and limitations, and to step into their authentic power, freedom and true fulfillment. Becoming more fully aligned and congruent with the deepest truth and integrity of your own Heart is the single most important thing you can do right now. I can help you make that journey faster and easier.

Whether you are called to develop greater life mastery and higher level skills and abilities through my Performance Alchemy Coaching Program, or you are drawn to core level emotional healing through my Alchemy of the Shadow Program, or your focus is cultivating deeply embodied spiritual presence and awareness through my Alchemical Awakening and Healing Work, you have found powerful support, and rare clarity and insight to help you take your next steps forward.

Your 2 Life Destinies

You have a deeply personal and unique human destiny you are in this world to fulfill. This is your own exclusive contribution to life, that has never been made before and that only you can make. You also have a greater spiritual destiny you are here to fulfill, far beyond words, residing in the depths of your heart and soul. These are the greatest gifts, blessings and opportunities that live within you. Fully embodying these gifts, however, and bringing them to successful fruition in your life, is often anything but easy. Our work together will provide you with the greatest possible empowerment, to not only actualize your highest human and spiritual destiny, but also to catalyze your ability to profoundly transform whatever obstacles may lie in the way.

( Ok, breathe…:-) I realize the concept of fulfilling your human and spiritual destiny may sound a bit daunting, but it need not be. If you have one specific area you want to focus on, or just want to start things off gently and easily, we can absolutely do that. We’ll meet right where you are, and move skillfully and elegantly toward where you want to be. Whatever pace and form of Inner Alchemy Work that is just right for you, is the one we will take.

On the next page, you will find multiple portals into World Class Transformational Work to meet your soul’s deepest longings, and your life’s most pressing needs. It is my honor to introduce you to the possibilities….

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